Carpets make a beautiful contribution to the aesthetics of any room. When matched with the decor of the room, a quality carpet catches the immediate attention of a person entering the room. Apart from aesthetics, a carpet or a rug has other advantages like it reduces noise, softens falls (especially useful when you have kids), cheaper than most of the flooring options, comfortable for the feet, lesser breakages of glasswares in case they fall down and it is a natural insulator against cold. A carpet also gives you endless design and color options.

Carpets Rugs and Carpeting

The terms, carpets and rugs are used interchangeably and sometimes rugs are referred to as a Rug Carpet or a Carpet Rug. A smaller version of the carpet is usually referred to as a rug. Generally, any carpet below the length of 2 meters is referred to as a rug.
While the rug is loosely laid on a floor a carpet is normally affixed to the flooring. Rugs are also used for decorative purposes and may also be hung on walls. Due to their decorative design and colors, rugs may be used for table decor or bed and sofa coverings.
While a carpet is categorized on the basis of the material used to produce it, rugs are normally referred to from the area of their origin: Persian rugs, Indian rugs, Spanish rugs etc. They are also referred to from the specific area or town of their origin or the tribe that has created the rug.
Carpets when affixed or placed wall-to-wall is referred to as carpeting.

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